Hey everyone!

First, thank you so much for actively participating in the poetry contest. ☘️With each contest organised, we are getting more and more participation and appreciation. Thank you all ❣️

Each entry was so beautifully written, that it was hard to select the winners. ❣️

Here are the results :

Winner 1 : Vaibhav Bhatnagar


Some have his skin, tender in places, in others a raw, fading red.

Some have his eyes, their glistening light, mirroring the amber of sunset.

Some have his name, his writing, the exact cursive of his hand.

Some have his smile, the crook just right, birthing a dimple at one end.

Some have his laughter, the soothing ripple of his voice,

like a downpour on parched desert sands.

Some have his hair, smooth to your touch, through which once your fingers ran.

Some have his worst, the things you hated, some hold a bit of what you liked best.

But, oh that boy! He has your heart and so you can’t give it to anybody else.

Winner 2 : Xavier ( Firewordsblog)

Entry :

Nativity Scenes

We men look on

As Joseph does

In nativity scenes around the world

Leaning on our walking poles

Bent at the knee

Surrounded by a herd of sheep

Owned by others.

Oblivious to the sacrifices to come

We hold fast to our piece of wood,

Gazing dumbfounded at the victory of Mother Mary

Over the darkness

As she wraps herself and baby

In the swaddling clothes of utter love,

Scarcely concealed from the frost

By a crude, barn roof,

Chips and cracks letting in the light of an inquisitive star.

Breaths of midnight winds

Are caught in cyprus and olive branches nearby

Humming soft fluting sounds of unseen angels.

Whether we have flaking beards

Or sport poorly painted wooden sandals,

With Charlton Heston grimaces, kneel we,

Overseeing a baby in a manger,

So oversized and out of proportion, so

Beyond even divine intervention

Or 21st century obstetrics.

And even if poor Joseph had no health insurance

Nor was member of a political party

Trade union

Even if he had no runaway stocks and bonds,

Look on

We men

At Christmas!

Contemplate the ceaseless work of love

Of women:

Our mothers

Our wives

Our sisters

Our lovers.

Look on and lean in with love.

Celebrate the refuge of sacrifices

That women are making,

Giving us life.

See the hidden caves and broken barns

Feel the warmth of love given to and from

The cherished soul child,

Bestowed and cradled

Defended and surrounded by a mother’s resolve,

Her pain slowly receding.

Wait for the

Cold daybreak

While His Mother fitfully sleeps.

For you and your child

Now inhabit and

Inherit her universe.

Winner 3 : Bobby Yadav ( Peacefulwarrior )


I have lived 100 pages and more 100 to live

Half way through, yet easy to conceive

Small is my part in the worlds play

That page by page continues to decay

Not much lived, but too much seen

Hooked at times and at times hopeless I have been

Such is the fiction and the characters around

With no emotion in their heart and empathy in the sound

And I still have 100 pages to live

I may have 100 pages to live

100 pages turned more 100 to believe

An honest world around me in the next chapter

Where I may achieve great or just turn into a bad actor

So, I shall continue and smile as I am being read

On the garden bench or on your bunker bed

Live, survive and breathe until the end

And that’s how together words we could mend

In this journey I am not the only one lost

I have been through bad; you may have been through worst

Unpredictable is the life, what to claim and whom to blame

Ruthless has been the time which holds no shame

So, don’t worry if you didn’t get the fame

Follow me deeply and our life has just been the same

Read; walk through the last pages of our glory

I shall meet you then and that would be the end of the story.

Honorable mentions: Dezzy D and Tanusri Chokha ☘️

We once again, thank everyone for giving us support and love. 🌈

And congratulations to the winners 💕🌸

🌠Happy new year everyone 🌠

Blessed Be 🌸



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I am just an ordinary girl who writes not just to share what she's feeling, but also to treasure every bit of her life on the paper. Writing makes me explore my thoughts, my feelings, myself.

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  1. Thank you to Amulya and all the organizers. I am humbled and thrilled to be included with the wonderful writers you have invited to this contest. Editing never really ends when we write! We present the best we can of ourselves to those of others we cherish and respect. I mispelled cyprus (trees) in my poem. I have corrected it on my own blog now. It should have been spelled cypress. The mispelling is geographically interesting, all the same. Blessings to all and to SIWOPC. A happy, safe and grace filled 2019 to you, my friends.

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