A 16-point input to couples this 2019

Dear couples,
It is a great joy for me to give you this input as we start 2019.  
It is an input of love from my heart.
What comes from the heart is for the heart;
My prayer is that this input should go straight to your heart;
Thank you for being here and for perusing this input
For I know that's what you are doing.
This input has 16 tips
You will find good for your marriage in 2019.1. How are you doing as a couple?

I hope you are  flying high as a couple;
I hope you are flying the flag of marrage high.
The way you live as a couple is very important;
If you are living well, that will inspire younger people
Who are not married to answer the call
To also tie the nuptial knot.
As a couple, you havwe to be the light;
You have to make your light shine, radiate
And  your whole neighbourhood.
You have to fight to be a shining example to emulate.

2.  Be committed to your marriage

How committed are you to your relationship?
I hope you are fully aware of the role of commitment
In marriage.
In fact, commitment is one of the master keys
That open the door to success in marriage
Just like in any endeavour.
If you are aware of this, and stay committed,
To your marriage,
You will be fine.
I urge you to be committed to your mrriage.
This does not mean that you will not have problems;
It means that you will thrash the problems that come;
And keep your relationship alive.
If you are committed to your marital relationship,
You will always make an effort to keep the fire
Of your love burning.
You will keep fueling your love;
And the fire will never quench.

3. You cannot avoid problems from time to time

To have problems is absolutely normal in marriage;
There will be times when you will not want
To see your spouse;
There will be times when you will ask yourself
How you came about your marriage;
What pushed you to marry your spouse.
There will be times when you will think you should call
An immediate halt to your marital relationship.
But bear in mind that you are not alone
To have such feelings in marriage;
Some of the most successful couples
Experience the same worries, doubts, anger,
But being committed to their marriage they always look
For a way to sail through.
4. Your marriage will not succeed on its own

You have to work for the success of your marriage;
There are tools to help you do this;
If you are not yet equipped with these tools,
Look for a way to do so.
Learning is the key to success in all fields.
Knowledge is an indispensable tool.
You cannot light a fire if you have not learned to do so.
You must learn in one way or another.
If you cannot attend a marriage course
To equip yourself witht hese tools,
Read as much as you can.
A lot has been written and will still be written 
Abouwhat to do for a successful marriage.
When you come across a message like this one,
Take it serious and get what you can from it.

5. Rise when you fall

In marriage, we say we rise when we fall. 
You do not fall and remain on the ground.
Jump up as soon as you fall,
Jump up and continue your journey.
There is no end to falling in marriage.
There are many potholes on the way;
Many temptations;
Many hills to climb;
The road is slippery all the times.
You must thread with care.
And if it happens that despite your care you fall,
Get up and continue.

6. Marriage is a struggle

Let no one deceive you;
Marriage is not a bed of roses.
Marriage is a permanent struggle;
You have to keep battling with challenges,
Discouraging messages.
Potholes on the way;
Slippery ground;
But you can do it;
Others have done it.
Make sure you do it as well.

7. Your spouse is not as bad as you may be tempted to believe.

The way some people talk about their spouses,
You would think the spouse in question
Is the worst person on the surface of the earth.
The truth is, they do not know what others
Are going through;
You may be looking at your spouse to be the worst
Whereas the one in question may be among the best spouses
In the world.
If you decide to focus only on the evil side
Of your spouse,
You will see no good in that partner.
If you decide to focus on the good side
You will think no one is better in this world
Than your spouse.
This is very important.
Do not spend time looking at the mistakes of your spouse;
Ignoring the good things.
Focus on the good side of your spouse.
Pay more attention to the good things your spouse
Is doing,
And play down the weaknesses.

8. Be the first to love

To be the first to love is very important in marriage.
But what does this mean?
Take a back look at your relationship;
You will certainly find times when you disagreed
And the relationship became sour;
And you didn't know how to repair it;
How did you start talking to each other again
At such times when both hearts are bitter,
If you are the proud type, it makes matters worse.
You will be tempted to bury yourself in your pride,
And see the relationship go worse;
Who knows how it can end?
What is advised is to be the first to love. 
This means do not wait for your spouse to break the ice,
Do it;
Do something to move your relationship forward
On a better footing;
Be the leader, whether you are the man or the woman,
And let your spouse follow.

9. Find couples with the same values to journey with

It is said that birds of a feather flock together;
This is very important in marriage;
There are other couples who share the same values
Like you about marriage
Such as the need to work hard for the success
Of your marriage;
The need to be committed to your relationhip,
The need to be the first to love
When you have a stressful relationship.
Look for such couples and journey with.
Do not go with couples or friends
Who have no respect for their spouses;
Who are irresponsible;
Who have no respect for marital vows;
Who drink and behave irresponsibly;
Such friends will not help you;
Instead they will push you to destroy your marrage.10. Do not isolate yourself

Another danger in marriage is isolation;
If you are too much to yourselves as a couple,
Without drawing energy and support from other couples
You may also begin to drop in your relationship;
When you fall there will be nobody to lift you up;
If the road is slippery,
There will be nobody to hold your hand.
Nobody goes far in life alone;
This holds true even in marriage.
Some people stay off other people thinking it is good;
That they will not be intoxicated,
Or badly influenced.
The thing is not to isolate yourself,
But to make sure you go with people who will help you
Not people who will destroy you.

11. To love is a decision

If you have never heard this, or known this,
This is the time to know it;
Love is not just passion as many think;
Marital love is a decision;
There will be passion at the start,
But it will soon go.
If it stays, very good;
If it goes, no problem, depend on your decision
To love;
You decide to love
Not because the other person is so good;
Not because the other person is perfect,
But because you have taken the decision to love.

12. Charge the battery of your love, add firewood or fuel 

Every time you find your love for your spouse
Running down like your phone battery,
Take the decision to charge it;
If you don't charge it,
It will run down completely;
And you cannot then use the phone again.
We can liken love to a fire also;
When you light  fire you do  not abandon it to itself;
To keep burning on its own;
You have to keep adding firewood and fanning it;
If not it quenches;
We can also compare it to the engine of a car;
A car runs on fuel;
If the fuel burns out, you have to put new fuel;
No car can run without fuel;
If there is no fuel it stops running until you add fuel.
This is fanning the flames of love.
Fan the flames of your love;
Add fuel to the engine of your love;
Charge the battery of your love and like your phone,
Your marriage will be in top form.

13. Beware of anger

I don't know what destroys marriage as much as anger.
Anger is the number one enemy of marriage;
Each time anger shows its head
At the door of a marriage,
Peace starts to get ready to fly out through the window;
Harmony starts to tremble like a leaf tossed by wind;
And while anger is a great danger to marriage,
The same anger seems to love marriage;
Anger seems to be permanently seated at the door of marriage
Waoting to jump in and take power;
And rule the marriage kingdom.
Don't give it a chance.
When you smell anger a mile away,
Tell it to stop there and leave your marriage alone.
Husband and wife have to cooperate to do this.
This is very important for them.
14. No blame Game

 I have seen the destruction that blaming causes in marriage;
When husband and wife start trading blames,
Anger finds a way to slip in and take control;
Things are worse when you are being  blamed
For what you have not done. 
It can hurt.
The best thing is to learn to avoid blaming your spouse
For anything.
If something has gone wrong,
Look for ways to fix it,
Not who to bame for it.
And if you want to correct something
Your spouse has done wrong,
Do so in a loving and honorable way.

15. Put God at the center of your marriage

If God has mae you husband and wife,
He has a plan for you to succeed;
He did not put you together to fail;
If you fail, blame yourself.
God is there, ready to help you succeed,
If you bring hm in;
That is why you must put God at the center
Of your marriage;
Go to him often, singly and as  couple;
Do not wait till you are having problems
Before you run to him;
Thank him often when the going is good;
And plead for continuous help and support.
And in case of a problem,
Run to him individually and as a couple.
He is there for you.

16. Respect your marital vows

The last thing I like us to talk about is your marital vows.
The vows you took when you got married
Were not a formality;
Please, on those vows depends the success of your marriage.
Respect them;
If both husband and wife respect them,
Their marriage will be a shining example for others to emulate.



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