You must be blind, true.

I think you are blind;
I truly think you are blind;
You look but you don’t see;
You ask me why I am crying?
I cannot believe it;
Is it you asking me why
I am crying?
Yes, I am crying;
If you see well,
I am crying and badly crying;
I am emptying my eyes
Of its content;
All the liquid in my eyes
Is flowing out like a river;
And this will be so
For a long time;
And until my tank of tears
Is empty;
I have good reason to cry;
Why would I not cry,
When you’ve so pierced
My heart
With a weapon so deadly
As a dagger?
The tears in my heart
Cannot fail to ooze out;
What you see
Is but a little sign
Of what is going on
In me;
My heart is bleeding
Tears of love for you.
So badly I want you;
I can’t imagine myself
Living without you.
You are all I need
In this world;
You are the sole cause
Of the fire raging
Violently in me;
If God refuses me air
To breathe,
But gives me you,
He has given me everything;
You are my air;
My coffee;
Honey in my coffee;
And if I am crying
It is because
You are so indifferent;
So lukewarm about me;
It’s hard to understand
And to imagine
That I am not your number one;
Do you see?
Or you are blind?
I think you are blind;
I think you don’t see;
That is why you don’t know
What is happening with me;
Yes, I think you are blind;
You are blind.
I think you are blind.
You don’t see;
That is the consolation I have;
You don’t see.
I think you don’t see.



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