4 that are hard to trust

There are four things I see are hard to trust.

  1. Your heart. At times, it takes you to where you never could have imagined.
  2. Love. It is hard to know what love can do. It can be very sweet. It can also turn out to be nasty.
  3. Your mind. You never can say where it will take you.
  4. Another person: Who can know what another person is thinking of?

We have to be very alert when our heart and love talk to us. We must not do everything they are urging us to.

We have to be careful with our mind.

We have to take time with other people.

What else can be hard to trust?



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  1. I disagree with some of this blog. As a confident and positive person I rely heavily on trusting my mind and my heart. If I didn’t I would be hesitant to make decisions and would let feelings of insecurity creep in. I think that we must learn to trust our heart and mind. Stand by what we think is right and savor the outcome whether it was right or wrong.


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