He will not fail you

Everything in life,
Comes from God alone;
He does not fail
Those who rely on him;
Nothing depends
On how hard you work;
Success appears to be;
But that is far from it;
For sure, that hard work counts;
But it’s God who has
The final word.
Through hard work,
You get your file
To the table of the Lord;
And he alone decides
Whether or not
To grant you what you want;
That is his reserve;
What is it that you want?
It is left to him,
To give it to you;
Put your trust in Him;
Work hard, yes; but put
Your heart in him;
And get the blessings
That you want,
He will not fail you.
He never does anyone;
All those who put
their trust in him
Always end with a smile.
If you have never known,
You better do so now.


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