Respect the space of a woman

Respect the space of a woman….  A Woman is not a commodity displayed as available in the open market

Call me old fashioned but I believe that respecting a woman is one of the most important things to uphold in life…

Writing this post … just to make aware that there are some guys who keep on sending lewd direct messages on Social Media – facebook or instagram or twitter or even whatsapp (when they succeed in getting the phone number)


Guys, please l request you :
Stop sending me Hi, How are you, and wave messages on my messenger apps..

You have no idea what’s going on in my life and nor do l intend to tell you;   neither l have any interest in knowing you personally, just because you text me how are you, where are you from – which State or City or Village, what do you do, where do you stay, do you have a boyfriend, are you married, what is your family doing, will you be my friends, are you free this weekend, you are so beautiful in this age too  – I can’t take my eyes off you, please accept my friendship etc.

If you are good enough, decent enough, catchy enough via your social media post and in professional terms. I will surely convey my fondness to know you more via reacting or commenting on your posts.. Please don’t consider tbis as my affirmation to your requests..

And if you irritate me, then unfriend is the best option l have, you shall be blocked and then onwards your texts shall be in spam folder.


I have 24years of Professional experience working in various multinational companies covering various departments and in my Life’s journey I have met and dealt with lots of people – good and bad  – some give you experience and memories forever, while some teach you a lesson !! I have seen all facets of life – happy and sad, life-threatening, near-to-death experiences and have survived all, Wish to keep Smiling and Happy Always;

I may appear be meek and soft and kind and shy. I may be gullible and pliable and understanding. I may appear to be cute and pretty and dainty and classy. But when in a rough situation, I can transform into the most magnificent beast you will ever lay your eyes on.

Stop harassing me by sending me numerous messages, l am not the one who loves spending time on chatting or texting.  I get so irritated some times, that I have to skip even important messages, just because my messenger reads now infinite number of unread texts…. then I have to simply use the “Clear All” option !!  Please read my introduction page, before sending me any text, don’t message me, just because you want to….

Remember to always respect a woman. Whenever you think about disrespecting or offending, think about what you would feel if what you are about to do happens to your daughter, wife, mother or sister.


If you like my posts, appreciate them, I will be very glad to receive your criticisms and comments, suggestions and feedback are always welcome;  you may even contribute value-addition to my posts; I intend to spread happiness through my positive and motivational thoughts; share some inspiring stories, some knowledge, some humour; interesting thoughts, just to make ourselves lighter and enjoy life to the full extent…


We are all busy in the Circle of Life, satisfying our material and immaterial needs – personal and professional, too much stress of deadlines and commitments, we  don’t have time for each other !

Respect is earned, not given. Deserved, not inherited… I respect a man who respects a woman… Only a true man can earn the love and respect of a strong and independent woman.

Respect the space of a woman….

A Woman is not a commodity displayed as “available in the open market”



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Always be Happy; always wear a Smile, Not because Life is full of reasons to Smile, but because your Smile itself maybe a reason for many others to Smile ;The Greatest Thing In Life Is Love And The Second Is Laughter..

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