Taking hard decisions

Hard decisions

What do you do
When you have a hard decision
To take?
There are some decisions
So hard to take;
But if that is the right thing
To do,
You have no choice
But to do it;
Success, you must know,
Hardly comes on easy terms;
Many things you will not like
To do,
But must do
If you want to succeed;
Stop wanting to do only
What you like to do;
Or what you enjoy doing;
Such an attitude
Will not take you far.
If I take myself, for example,
A lot of times,
I would love to stay in bed
And feel comfortable;
But many things would go wrong
If I do.
Or, I won’t have what I want;
And so I muster courage
And dive into it;
In the end, I am happy
I didn’t take the easy road;
The easy road in life
Often does not lead to success;
The easy road often leads
To failure,loss, regret,
And frustration;
Don’t be tempted by
The easy road,
Unless you are sure
It is leading to where
You want to go.

10 things to note

Here are 10 things to note when you face a hard decision to take:

  1. Don’t fear taking hard decisions.
  2. Don’t be scared by hard decisions.
  3. Don’t shy away from hard decisions.
  4. Don’t worry when hard decisions come your way.
  5. Hard decisions are often necessary for noteworthy success.
  6. You need courage to go for hard decisions so muster it.
  7. All the great people of the world face hard decisions.
  8. Do not depend on your strength alone when you are facing a hard decision.
  9. Turn to God and put your problem to him.
  10. You feel happy and more confident when you face the bull by the horns and take a hard decision.

Best wishes to you as you take courage to take the hard decisions of your life.



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