Interview part 2 with a blogger who has captured my attention in a special way

If you enjoyed part one of our interview with Richa Sharma, it wouldn’t surprise me if you have been anxiously waiting for the continuation. Richa is   such a nice person to talk to. I assure you I enjoyed every blessed second of my discussion with her. Here is the second part of that discussion:

Richa, it was very enjoyable talking to you in ourlast interview and many of those who read our discusdion liked the brilliant responses you gave to my questions. This has made me highly motivated as I do this second part. Let me go straight to the heart of the matter to ask if you have already published?

Not yet!

What advice would you give to those who admire you and want to be like you or to succeed in life.

I personally believe (in the words of Julia Cameron) – “We are, ourselves, creations. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.”

We all have it in us, it’s just that some diamonds need more polishing than others.

Looking at the world, are there things going on which worry you?

Yes, sadly they do! Especially the senseless killing of humans and animals alike and global pollution. 

What does your dream world look like?

Answer – Peaceful and compassionate where discrimination any kind of has no place!

How many languages do you speak?

English and Hindi.

Which subjects do you love the most?

English and Science.

Which are your best countries in the world?

India is a land of diversification and vastness and it will be unfair to talk about just one particular place. I LOVE INDIA as a whole coz, each place, each habitat, each locale – has something special, something extraordinary to offer. With a history that dates back to 3300 to 1300 BCE – there is a lot to love, see and experience!

Which places would you love to visit.

A round trip around the world to appease my “wanderlust” soul.

How old are you? When were you born?

Too young to die and too old to be not a Millennial!

21st September

Give your height and your star.

5’2″ and VIRGO

How many brothers and sisters?

One younger brother.

Which do you think is your strongest point? Your weakest point?

I would regard my “heart” to be my strongest and weakest point. 

To quote an example – There have been times when my heart has survived more than it should have, surprising me with its courageousness and then there are days when my heart refuses to listen to me at all! 

Do you find it easy to say sorry when you hurt someone?

Oh yes, absolutely! That’s the first thing that I was taught growing up – It’s should never be difficult for you to accept your mistakes and seek forgiveness. 

Which is your best food?

JUNK and loads of it.

What do you admire most in others?

The GIRT to keep trying and keep living! In all honesty, we as humans can surprise ourselves with the kind of inner strength and resilience that we have inside of our hearts. 

Are you single or married? Your plans for marriage if single. Introduce your spouse if married.

I am happily married, since 3 years to the “love of my life” – Sumant! He is a DATA SCIENTIST with the largest US automotive dealer, living and loving his life!

Which is your favorite number or are your favourite numbers?

5 and 13.

How long have been blogging?

My first post went live on 13th October 2017 so, 13 months!

In which areas have you experienced growth in life?

Growth is a continuous process and I believe that each day we grow onto something better. 

Advice to younger people about blogging.

Engage with other bloggers and appreciate them for stopping by your blog. Respond to the comments on your site and make sure that you check out “their” content too! Being part of the blogging community is a mammoth blessing and you cannot even fathom the kind of wonderful, multi-talented people that you’ll meet here. Embark on this opportunity and build relationships with your fellow bloggers. Trust me, it goes a long way when you take the time to “like, comment and interact” in the blogosphere!

Let us talk about your dreams.  What is your life dream? What would you like to achieve or become before you leave this world?

I would like to be known for my kind heart and inspiring words. 

More than that, I would want to be remembered as someone who’s lived her life at her own conditions. 

I like to thank you very much for making yourself available to answer our questions and for being part of our community. I hope you always feel at home at SIWO International. 

I appreciate. I hope I did justiceto the questions. Feel free to reach out for anything more. I���$����ul

Read more about Richa Sharma and her work.

Read part one of this interview published on the 23 of December 2018.



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