Success, we will find you

We are searching
For you;
Where is your hiding place;
Tell us where you have
Hidden your head.
You’re such
A little word
But you stand for
What everybody wants;
And so slippery
Indeed, you are;
As you slip through
Many fingers
With such ease
It’s so hard to say;
Don’t be so
To those seeking you;
Call out
Loud enough;
And tell us
Where you are;
Where can we find you?
Come out
Of your hiding place;
And make yourself
Available to all;
Endeavor to cooperate
With those who are
Seeking you;
Seek and you shall find
Is that not what
We are told?
This is what
We are doing, seeking;
And we’re not stopping,
Till we have found you;
You are our only target.
It doesn’t matter
Where you are hiding,
We will find you;
We will find you.



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  1. Very sound advice. Too many people do not follow their dreams, or simply what they see here and now, often regretting it later, even blaming others for their choices in life. I still remember a young lady, telling me she wanted to start her own business. I asked her questions regarding the plan, and she shared much of what she understood, which was quite a bit for one her age. I did some research of my own, shared the information with her. At that time, she was having doubts, but I told her only she could determine her goals, but that with effort, failure, and successes, would she garner the experience to go through with her ideas/dreams, perhaps finding other directions with time. I explained that she could start small scale, even working for someone already in the business as a way of learning, and gain with time the information to start her own business. With doubt comes nothing. With determination to do what you truly want to do comes energy and successes. Good story.

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