The gift of helping others is a blessing

Helping people is a gift. There are some people who possess this gift in great abundance and others who don’t. Those who possess it help with ease. They easily find situations where they can help and do not waste time to help.

The gift of helping is a good gift to have. What is good, it can be cultivated. To cultivate this gift, start to look for opportunities to help in everyday life. When you find them, use them to help.

Do not help to be rewarded. Do not help to be recognized. Do not help to be praised. Help only to use the gift of helping that God has blessed you with. Help as a service to God; for when you help a fellow human being, you are, indeed serving God.

Although your motivation for helping should not be to be rewarded, you usually end up being rewarded; and the reward is always more than you could ever imagine. No help goes unrewarded. If you are not rewarded at once, you are rewarded eventually; and always in a big way.

If you are not naturally blessed with the gift of helping, cultivating it is a worthwhile exercise.

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