What would be the use?

What would be the use spending precious time writing quality content on your blog or website if nobody ever read it?

Indisputably, that would be a waste of valuable time and energy.

We, writers, write so that others may read. That is why we strive to write valuable and attractive content. Call it high quality content.

Yet, high quality content is not enough. This is simple to understand.

It does not suffice for a product to be of high quality to do well in the market. Even if it is of the best quality, it will not sell if nobody knows about it.

Thus, potential buyers have to be convinced that it is good for them.

The same thing holds for what you write. Readers need to see why they should spend their precious time reading your work.

Hence, you have to promote or advertise it so that as many people as possible can know about it and see why it is important for them to read it. Only then can you be sure they will buy.

One way of promoting or advertising your work is by granting an interview through which both the author and the work are made more visible to the public.

One of the ways we have been helping fellow bloggers is by interviewing them for free.

Any body who desires to can benefit from this. If you like to be interviewed, all that you need do is to make the request.

And the earlier you make the request, the better. Since many people want to benefit from the same offer, we go by first come, first served.

If you are interested, make your request right away. Our email address is: ngobesingromanuss@gmail.com/

Thanks for your kind attention.

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