Do you remember those 8 great days?

Do you remember, my dear?
I am talking of the good days
We used to spend together
When we first met;
I do remember them clearly;
They were such pleasant
sweet, tasty moments;
Real unforgettable moments;
Heart warming times, indeed!
Our hearts burned with love
For each other;
And we never got tired of seeing Each other;
I felt on top of the world,
Just knowing you were there;
I remember moving as if I was running or flying;
I felt light and high spirited;
To catch a plane before
It was too late.
I am hungry to relive that feeling;
What do I do?
If you know what I must do,
Please, do let me know.
Thank you for you very keen attention.

If you like to know the 8 days

  1. The day I first met you;
  2. The day you said yes.
  3. The day your mother met me.
  4. The day we first shared a drink together.
  5. The day I proposed to you.
  6. The day you accepted me.
  7. The day we wedded in Church.
  8. The day Christ came into our marriage.

Let those days come back;

And may they never go for good!



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