Guest interview: The youngest guest on Success Inspirer’s World. Is she faster than her age? Listen to her.


When I met Apeksha Rai for the first time, she had an impact on me. She sounded mature; fully aware of where she was going and determined to get there. I was surprised when I learned she was only thirteen. I asked to have her as my guest to know more about her, her dreams and vision for the world. She did not hesitate. I am happy to publish this interview. Those who are worried about the future of the world and think the young people of today may not effectively lead tomorrow’s world are invited to read this. They may change their minds when they do.

Who is Apeksha? Give us a bit of your biography.

The world I live in is made of philosophy; the air I breathe is nothing but music; the things I see are all poetical;  all I like is called literature; what I hold is the mike; what I own is the dais; what I believe in is simplicity and what I’m called is Apeksha. I’m a thirteen year old simple school going Indian girl with a ‘small chest, big dream’. I belong to a middle class family and I’m blessed to have it. My father is a professor and he teaches Hindi (our national language); my mother is a housewife and I’ve an elder brother who’s just completing his education. I live in New Delhi and currently I’m studying in Ahlcon International School in 9th standard.

What do you like doing best in life?

Writing, reading, speaking and singing. These are all a major part of my life.

 What do you hate the most?

 I really hate the over glamorous and artificial lives people live today. I think being simple and original is the best way to live your life to the fullest.

Tell me if you like or hate school and why.  What are your academic dreams? 

I really love going to school because I’ve never seen school as a place where we simply have to study. For me, it has always been like a good reason to enjoy with friends, meet our wonderful teachers, and participate in various competitions. I’ve a great passion for English literature, so in future I want to measure its depth and witness the beauty. I’d love to do some research work in the field.

  How do you spend your leisure?

I spend my leisure reading books, writing poems and articles, or else by my music practice.


Which are some of the best books you have read? Tell me one or two things you have learned from a book that you will never forget.

Books based on philosophy, religion and mythology attract me the most. All the books I’ve read so far have circled around such themes only. And from these books, I’ve got a vision to see the world with different pair of eyes. I’ve learnt that behind everything lies a message and everything on earth is full of beauty and wonders.

Who are the men or women, present or historical figures who have inspired you the most? Why do they inspire you? What do you admire in them?

We cannot meet the historical figures; all we can do is read and know more about them by different mediums. There are many great people, yet I’m always inspired by people around me. My teachers, my parents, my schoolmates, all have inspired me.

 Which are/is your favorite quote(s)? Explain?

Quotes inspire me the most, and so there are many. But my love for philosophy always attracts me to Hegel’s quote:-

“When philosophy paints its grey on grey, then has a shape of life grown old. By philosophy’s grey on grey, it can’t be rejuvenated, only understood. The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk”

And Socrates’

“Athens is like a sluggish horse and I’m the gadfly, trying to sting it into life”

 How far have you gone towards achieving your ambition(s)?

I’m still in school, so all I’ve done is that I’ve started reading more and more. Reading is important if I want to do something in the field of literature.

  How did you become a blogger? I mean what prompted you?

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I didn’t know much about blogging before I had my own. My teachers and friends suggested that I should start blogging.

 What thrills you the most in blogging?

The most thrilling thing about blogging is that you never know who you’ll meet. It excites me a lot when I visit the blogs of other bloggers.

 What frustrates you if any?

I won’t say that it actually frustrates me, but it pinches me a bit when I’ve posted my poem and nobody comments on that!

 What have been the benefits of blogging to you? Which blogs have touched you in a special way since you started blogging?

Blogging has helped me connect over the globe; it’s a good way to connect with people and that too for a good purpose. Many blogs have touched me in a special way; it’s difficult to name them!!!

 What would you like to have achieved before your candle burns out in this world?

I want to have published a number of super hit books and composed countless poems. That’s all I want to do!

 To me you sound so confident; so decisive. Are you quarrelsome? Talkative, silent? Bold, timid? Etc. so sure of what you are going for in life? Talk about yourself a bit. Why are you who you are? Were you born the way you are?  What influenced you?

I’m much confident, very decisive, over talkative and quite bold. I certainly wasn’t the way I’m today. My parents have taught me everything and they play the most influential role in my life.


 Tell me the things happening in the world today that get on your nerves or that you really like.

The best thing in the world is the zeal for reading. I really feel blessed to live in a society of readers and writers. I think people around me have inspired me a lot.

 What is your evaluation of the impact of social media on the world? Are they building or destroying the world?

I think the world of social media is beautiful, if we get right users for that. I’m thirteen years old and except blogging, I hardly use internet but all the children of my age are on Facebook, instagram, twitter and all kinds of social networking sites even after knowing the required age. I mean they should think that Zuckerberg would have thought something before limiting the age group, isn’t he having higher intellect than us? Social media, today, is not destroying the world. Instead, the way we’re using it is causing destruction.

 Outside your country, which countries do you know? I mean which countries have you been to and for what?

I know many countries but I’ve never been out of India. I love travelling, but I think there is much to travel in India. First I should know my land well!


 Which countries would you like to visit? Why these countries?

European countries. I’ve read a lot about Greece and Rome in philosophy, and I’d love to visit these.

 How do you see yourself? Tough? Easy-going? Hard working etc? Tell me how you like the world to know you.

I see myself as a very emotional girl with tears always ready to spurt out! Yet at times I’m bold enough to face people. I’m not much hard-working but my grave is ready for the things and people I love. I want the world to know me as an ordinary girl who lives for her dreams.

 How would you like to be remembered when you are no more around?


 I want to be remembered as the simplest person in the world with the highest aspirations. A girl who found her world in her dreams and beauty in her thoughts.


Immense thanks to Apeksha Rai for this interview. I also thank you, drear reader, for making time to read it. The young inspire me a lot. You might have enjoyed the chat and would like to know more about our young guest. Visit her site at .You will love it. The bloggers’ solidarity community is also open to welcome Apeksha.

Many blessings to all.


54 thoughts on “Guest interview: The youngest guest on Success Inspirer’s World. Is she faster than her age? Listen to her.

  1. Dear Apeksha,
    I wish you don’t stop at achieving your goals and i hope you won’t stop satisfying me.
    Lots of love and warm wishes.
    Vanshika Pawar 🙂

    • Can someone help me? I don’t remember commenting on this article since I’m completely sure I haven’t opened WordPress this week 🙁 Is this a bug or someone is using my account?

  2. So proud of you Apeksha!Right from the journey of first ISA you beautifully maintained your connectivity with me and with poetry!
    I am sure I will read your anthology of poems before I sign off from the world.,
    And million thanks to Ngobesing Romanus for interviewing you and ensuring your place in the immortal world !God bless him always……..

    • Your words are so sweet. It was a joy to chat with this sweetie. I do so admire her. Now I am part of her life and feel proud of her. May God grant you many many years to witness the amazing things our darling girl will be granted the grace to do. Stay blessed.

      • Thank you Sir!Though Apeksha did not name me[ and I have no problem with that] I encouraged her to create her own blog after posting her many poems in the blog I had created for my lovely talented students. When I read her poems and felt so proud of her, I told her to start her own blog. I am so happy she did that. You can find her work in the blog which I had created for my kids
        I am so grateful a person like you has interviewed her….this will encourage her to write more and think better. GOD BLESS YOU !!

        • Let me apologize that she added a few things which escaped her in that interview but I only saw them after I had published it. I know how I will put things straight. I believe in giving credit where it is due. Let me congratulate you on the work you are doing. I will follow the link you have given me and you will hear from me. Have a great day.

    • Thanks a lot ma’am for your blessings! I’m so happy to read your comment here😀 You’re the one who has always inspired me to read and write, Thank you ma’am for that!

  3. Wow…. no words to say😀😀 proud to be ur friend. Hope u get immense success in life. My young poet, I’m so happy to see ur achievement. So, ur first interview… I’m so glad to see it☺ Hope to see more such interviews in future. Wishing u a bright and prosperous life😁😁. And yeah, not to forget, an awesome interview.
    GOD BLESS😇😇…

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