SIWO Global News 15th November 2018 #215

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Mount Sakurajima spews flames

A massive column of smoke and ash filled the air in Kagoshima as Mount Sakurajima erupted. At 12.45am one of the vents at the summit sent flames 4,0000 metres high. This the third eruption of the active volcano this year. Mount Sakurajima is overflowing with lava in Kagoshima, Japan

El Dorado Off-shore- hired seafarers cannot disclose wages for fear of being fired

The Guyanese registered company El Dorado hires it’s seafarers locally but they cannot disclose wages and benefits to the Labour Department. Doing this would violate their contract, but the government has power to probe the complaints.

The company appeared unsure if firing the workers for this was really the case. Reporters have shown documents of this clause and El Dorado has confirmed it. However the Manpower and Recruitment Director has stated that, the matter will be looked at.


Content- The Telegraph . The Business News (D. Chabrol)


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