Trust in God is wisdom

Rough, thorny and slippery
Has been my path
In this earthly life;
But great the courage the Lord 
Has given me
To ride through;
With wisdom also
He has equipped me;
Thus, I know where to put my feet;
I know when to go
And when to come;
I know when the road is less slippery;
And when it is most slippery;
This is what happens to those 
Who rely on God
For the power to sail through 
The stormy waves
Of the ocean of life.
Because God is my Senior Partner
In the business of living
In this difficult world,
My safety is guaranteed;
My success is fully assured.
Taking my own example,
I want to assure you,
Trust in God is right;
It is not a waste of time;
It is the right thing to do.
Trust in God is courage;
Trust in God is wisdom.



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