Dramatic turn around

I can’t believe
What I see;
The person standing
In front of me
Is so different
From the person I know;
He is a new creature;
A dramatic turn around
Has taken place;
Ganda was into drinking
For years;
Became addicted to it;
And misbehaved each time he drank;
All attempts
To rescue him were futile;
How desperate, indeed!
No hope of redemption;
All hope seemed lost;
Unexpectedly, there is

A new turn;
The situation has changed;
Ganda has transformed;
It is such a dramatic turn;
To the joy of all;
What has happened to Ganda,
Can happen to anyone;
If you are down,
It can happen to you;
No matter how deep down
The valley
of despair you may be,
You can rise to the surface.
You must never say all is lost;
Never give up.
Are you down, my lovely friend?
All is not lost;
Do everything
To make a turn around.
A dramatic turn around
Not a bad idea, is it?


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