How responsible should someone be?

How responsible are you?
How responsible
Should someone be?
I know you are very responsible
And respectable;
I love all the people
Of the world
Who are responsible.
I don’t love people
Who are irresponsible;
And many people
Are irresponsible;
It is bad to be
People who drink
And get drunk,
And misbehave
Especially in public,
Are irresponsible;
Parents who do not care
For their children
Are irresponsible;
Parents who do not
Send their children
To school,
Or who send their children
To school,
But cannot pay their fees,
Buy their uniforms
And other school needs
When they have money
Are irresponsible.
Parents who quarrel
And fight in front of
Their children are Irresponsible
It is not a good
Thing to be irresponsible;
You should not be
Irresponsible behavior
Can hurt others;
And hurt you as well;
Irresponsible behaviour
Can destroy you.
Do not let irresponsible
Behaviour destroy you.
You should be as responsible
As you can.
Responsible people obey
The laws of their country;
Respect their word,
And if they are family people,
Take care of their families.
Responsible people
Take charge of their lives;
They do not allow life
To toss them around;
They live intentionally;
Meaning they define
What they want,
And make sure they operate within the ambit of the law.



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