We grow you grow no5

We have an obligation to bring up our children to be successful, don’t we?

Some parents think we do and go on to decide everything for their children – the school to attend, the career to choose, their life partner, the place from where they must or must not marry.

Other parents say children should be allowed to make or take decisions about their lives like the career and the one to marry.

Thus, opinion is divided. What is your stand?

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  1. Big word time!! As and when children grow parents have to mould themselves according to the need of time and change the parenting methods! Every time standing on toes and controlling children is not the right way of parenting!! As you want to take your own decisions than at the same time you should respect the children decisions and thoughts too!! 0-5 is teaching and let children explore their mind . 6-12 learning and teens are most delicate time where you have to be their friends and than lead your children!! You know your child capabilities, ask them their choices and walk hand in hand while taking decisions rather than imposing them!

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  2. My parents decided my future and it ultimately failed. Once I put my foot down and decided for myself, things turned around for me. Right now my relationship with my parents is shaky but I’m hoping in the future it will get stronger especially since I have children who would like to have a strong relationship with them.

    Because of my upbringing, I’ve made the decision to raise my kids with them making choices for themselves. I don’t think I should plan their future for them. They have a right to chose how they live their life and what they decide to do with their life.

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