100 letters to my daughter. What I am happy I told her No. 4

This is what I am happy I told my daughter in my letter number 4. My dear girl, How are you today? It is a pleasure for me to write to you. I hope you are doing fine. How did you enjoy my last letter? Today, I have a beautiful story for you. Before I come to that, let me remind you of something which you know but which is worth saying over and over because it is important. It is simply to remind you of what I have told you many times; that you can become anything you desire to become. I hope you have not forgotten that. You can become anything you desire to come if you desire it strongly enough and work hard enough for it. You can become outstanding, great, rich, and powerful if you want. By the same token, you can become poor, wretched, or miserable. You can end up as a failure. It is very easy and depends on you. If you are lazy, or irresponsible, you will end as a failure. What you become in this world is what you decide and work hard to become. Hence, in the first place, you must know what you want to become; secondly, you must resolve to become that which you have chosen to become; thirdly, you must draw up a plan to achieve it; and fourth and finally, you must go to work to achieve it. Do not be deceived to think that if you are born in a rich family you will automatically become successful or that if you are born in a poor family, you will automatically become a failure. I know some people hold this belief but it is not true. If you are from a poor family, you are not doomed to fail. You can still succeed brilliantly, same as you can come from a well-to-do family and still fail woefully. If someone comes from a very poor family but is determined and works hard enough they will do marvelous things. The bottom line is no matter who you are, what you are, where you are, or where you come from,you can make a place for your self in the world; you can become an outstanding woman; a shining example for other women to emulate. This means that anyone can rise from rags to riches. Anyone can turn their darkness into sunshine. Now I come to the beautiful story I promised you at the start of this letter. It is about a poor village girl called Nchang Belta. She was born in a poor family. Her father was a nobody; a very irresponsible man who could not even clear farms for his wives or tap wine for a living; a man who lived a hand-to-mouth life. He was unable to send his children to school. To him, no one should talk about school especially for girls. Hence, Belta did not have the opportunity to go to school. Her aunts and uncles were equally poor and so she could not get help from them. Despite this, her desire for an education did not die. Instead, she resolved to do everything to find her way. One day, she got the good news that Mr. and Mrs. Ayankwa we’re interested in taking her to live with them and serve them as a house help. She was happy and accepted to go. She felt convinced that if she did her best, Mr. and Mrs. Ayankwa would be pleased with her and send her to school. That was exactly what happened. She worked very hard. Every day, she was the first to get up and to start working. She worked from morning till night. Impressed by her hard working spirit and brilliance, Mr. and Mrs. Ayankwa decided to send her to evening school. There, she performed extremely well; enrolled for the GCE Ordinary Level Exam and passed with flying colors. Then she went in for the Advanced Level. Her results were equally outstanding. She got to university. Today, she holds a PhD and is Dean of the Faculty of Law in her former University. Belta succeeded because she never allowed anything to stand on her way. Your background should not be an obstacle to you. Do not allow anything to stop you from becoming the person you wish to be. I would like you to take these words: “In life, the most successful people are not those who focus on where they are coming from but those who focus on where they are going.” Romilia Quotes May God continue to bless you! Hope to read from you soon. Your darling Father.

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