It will come; let me say why

I have learned from experience;
I will never give up
On you;
I shall never give up
On anybody;
I shall stick to you;
I shall stick to whatever
I am engaged in;
This is what I have learned;
And thought it would be a good thing
To share with you;
I have seen what sticking to it has done;
It has done great for people;
I have also seen
What people have missed
Because they gave up;
I can advise
Because I have seen it;
Once you are on a thing,
Stay on it till you make it;
Stay on it;
Whether it’s raining,
Or sunning,
Whether it is heating
Is cooling,
Take cover,or take a rest,
But get back
When the rain is over;
I can assure you;
It may take long to come;
But it will come.
I can say that again;
It will come.
You will harvest and harvest big.


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