A real darling is you!


You are a real darling!
Maybe you are not aware!
It’s important I let you know;
I love you more than tongue can tell!
Do not take my words for a joke;
You are a precious gift to me;
I know you may wonder

If I am talking to you.
Don’t think I am talking to someone else;
It’s to you I am talking;
You who are reading this;
You who follow my blog;
You are a darling to me;
You are a real darling, to me;
I say I love you, and wish you the best;
May the Gates of Heaven open!
And God’s abundant blessings

Pour on you. No dream is too big to come true for you.

no dream is too big

Don’t wonder why I call you ‘darling’.
Why shouldn’t I call you ‘darling’?
You mean a lot to me;
Although I’ve never met you face to face;
And may never do;
That has not stopped you from

You are not alone

Being so dear to me.
Distance is no barrier to love.
We love those who care, don’t we?
And you care, don’t you?
So much you care!
When I see your face on my blog,
You make my day;
You inspire me to keep on blogging;
Sharing; doing what I love.
You motivate me; you encourage me.
You give meaning and value to my work and life.
You make me have a greater sense of self-worth.
Thus, you are irresistible to me.
How will I not love you?
Why shouldn’t I value you?
It shouldn’t be because I shall never meet you that I should not love you; I love you with all my heart;
Love does not have boundaries;
I want to assure you I love you.
You rank among my best friends in the world.
There are people around me

Who do not value me and my work as you do.
Who then can be more important to me than you?
May this year be a great year for you!

I love you; I love you; I love you so much.

As you go about your life, know that you are not alone; your success inspirer is with you.



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  1. I feel blessed to be able to be a part of you and yours, as you say we have inspired each other, helped and yes even grown. I often think about that we well never meet, but still all and all a family. Life is like that, at one time it was called pen pals now it’s blogosphere, but all and all still is sweet. Many blessings to you and yours. May all your , hopes ,dreams and wishes come In this our new year


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