Sticking is what big success is made of

A big lesson to learn: Sticking is what big success is made of;
If you can’t stick,
Too bad for you;
If you are doing it right,
But still not having it,
Sticking may be
All that is left;
If you don’t stick,
You lose it all;
Of all your qualifications,
None is more than
Sticking to it;
And that is where
The winners beat the losers;
The losers quit;
The winners stick;
Quitting is easy;
Sticking is hard;
If you’re going for one,
Know what you’re going for.
Haven’t you heard
It could come at the turn
Of the corner?
Or it could come in the evening?
It’s sometimes so sad
How often quitters leave
Just before what would have been
The big moment;
And so lose it all;
Then another comes from nowhere
And reaps it.
The big tip
To print in mind about success
Is stick to it;
Stay till you see the end;
Keep quitting aside.
Sticking is what big success is made of.

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