Join the top class women

Top class women;
Did you hear that?
Yes, there are top class women;
Women like no ordinary women;
Women, as the name implies,
Top class women;
Women who walk on
The red carpet wherever they go;
Women of substance;
Who call the shots;
Who make things rattle
And roll;
Are you such a woman?
A top class woman?
You work for it;
They look special;
Cleanliness their top quality;
Their dressing is cool;
Their language!
Words roll from their lips
Like a musical spring;
You know when you see them;
They are refined;
Yes, finesse is their
You who are a woman,
Are you a top class woman?
You who are a man,
Is your wife a top class woman?
What of your sister?
Your daughter?
It doesn’t just come;
You work for it;
You build yourself;
Build yourself into
A top class woman;
And if you are a man, encourage
And help your wife,
Your sister, your daughter
To become a top class woman.
Yes, a top class woman;
That is possible;
Be a top class woman;
And join the top class women.


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