Encourage discourage

Open your ears
To the encouraging words
Of others;
You need them
When the going is tough,
When your spirits are down;
By the way,
We are meant to journey

Shut your ears
To the discouraging words
Of others;
Negative thinkers abound,
And always ready
With a long list of reasons
You should not do
What you want to do,
Whereas it is exactly
What you should do.

Two kinds of people
Then we have:
Those who encourage;
And those who discourage;
You are in the middle
To make the choice;
Wisdom calls;
Open your ears
When you should;
And close them
When you should.

Two opposing forces
Each pulling you;
To which side you go
Whether you succeed
Or you fail;
Discouragement is the road
To woeful failure;
Take right to encouragement
That is the path to success.

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