Prayer for God’s support

Open your arms to me O Lord
And let me rest in them;
Let me stand on
Your shoulders
To better have a view
Of the road ahead;
Give me your hand
That I may hold onto you,
And not fall as I walk;
You are the pillar
On which I must lean
To stand strong;
There’s nothing I can do
On my own without you.
I never forget your promise
To stand by me always,
By day and by night;
When the sky is clear
And when it is dark;
When the sun is shining
And when it is raining;
It is on your promises
That I depend;
And so well I know that
From the very foundation
You have never failed
Anyone who put his trust
In you;
From father Abraham
To present day;
It is with this confidence
That I totally put my trust
In you.
I know for sure
That you will never fail me.
And for that, I immensely
Thank you.
I praise your mighty name.
King of glory,
King of the universe,
A million thanks for
Your wonderful love.



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