Habits for a good society.

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? I just finished my annual holidays with family and friends and now I am getting back into my routines.

Sometime back, I was having some discussion with my husband about certain habits that come naturally to us. After that discussion, I decided to talk to you all about such habits that will serve the society in the future.

For the present and future generations

But before I do that, let me give you some examples.

  • The other day, I was sitting and talking with my parents. Then, we decided to go out and as we got up to get ready and go, I turned off the fans and lights of the room before going into the other room to change.
  • On one other occasion, my husband got into the bathroom. He was shaving and he realised that he had not taken the towel. He asked me to bring one and keep it on the hook inside. I hung it there, came out, closed the door and turned off the lights. I forgot he was inside. 
  • Once I was walking in the park and found some empty snacks packets on the path. I picked them up and put them in the bin nearby.
  • If I eat something or drink tea or water from paper cups, I won’t throw it away unless I find a bin.  Likewise, I don’t throw bits of paper like tissues or chocolate wraps on the road. Rather, I look for the bin.
  • When I brush my teeth in the morning or when I wash the dishes, I never leave the water turned on. Likewise, if I hear drops of water leaking from a tap, it irritates me till the time it gets repaired.
  • If somebody does something for me, I immediately thank the person. Likewise, if I hurt somebody or say something wrong, I immediately apologize.

Now, you may think why am I listing all these here. No, I am not trying to highlight my good qualities. I am just trying to show something different here.

Everything I do in the above examples is the result of some good habits instilled in me right from my childhood.

How many times have we heard our parents say that we should not keep the lights and fans on if not in use so as to save electricity? I remember, when we were kids, my father used to constantly ask us to turn off lights to save electricity or not to keep the water- tap on if not in use.  I used to get irritated back then, but over the years I have come to realize the importance of these habits.  It just helps me to do my bit for the future generations.

Certain habits are a must in every individual for the benefit of not just the person but for the society as a whole. These habits have to be developed since childhood so that they become their second nature.

However rich a person is, these qualities are very important in him. Just think, how your opinion about a person changes when they litter around or they are impolite to people serving them or they indulge in pure wastage. No, we are not judging them but such habits create a certain impression about the person.

We need to teach the value of water, electricity, cleanliness, politeness and similar things to children because they are the future. Only when trained from the childhood, the child (the future adult) will learn to value all the facilities (water, electricity, cleanliness etc.) and will learn to be grateful for them. Who knows what the situation will be 20 years down the line! So we need to teach them to value everything that they have…

These habits can be developed by grown-ups as well.  They just need to be more conscious of their actions and put in efforts to build these habits in them. They need to let go of their old habits and replace them with these new habits.

Let us develop good habits in ourselves and our children so that we and our future generations don’t suffer. Let us build a responsible society.

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments on the same.



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I started this blog in 2015.  I began my journey of learning and growing much before that.  There were many experiences - good and bad.  These experiences taught me so much about life and living.  Even now I am in the process of exploring and learning many new things and making myself better with each passing day.  All this was not easy  for me as I didn't fit the usual race and was far behind my peers. Like me, I am sure many have similar experiences.  I want to reach out to those people and tell them that everything will eventually fall in place, they just need to hang in there with full faith on themselves.
This blog will have a variety of topics because I want to write about everything that I learn and experience.

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