How long will you be remembered after you die?

We all leave legacy be good are bad.And if you think you will be remembered for that,you are sadly mistaken.

That is what happens in life.

But once you are dead,do you really care whether any body remembers you at all !

Don’t be shocked to the fact that even your kith and kin forget you over the time.Don’t blame them !

My guess is if you leave a legacy of kindness may be you will be remembered for sometime.

Occasionally children may recollect what their dad or mom told them.

Wife or husband surely miss the other person and cherish the shared bonds from time to time.

What I am trying to tell is,the frequency of thinking of that person will be less and less as time moves on,though memories remain.( Memories can not fade)


Don’t you think it is a great feeling when people who are associated with you, remember you,when you are alive ?

I conclude…..

To strive to be remembered after death is a vain attempt to achieve immortality

There is quiz too….to know how you will be remembered after you die ! (just for Fun don’t take it seriously.)

how you will be remembered after death

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My philosophy is: Life is hard, but God is good. Try not to confuse the two.
Anne F. Beiler

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  1. Good evening dear,

    If you love someone very deeply after his death also you remember his words forever, memory of his last forever within you, the pray you do is for him forever, love him forever.
    That is true love which never vanish with time but grown within self forever,

    You will wait to unite with him .

    thank you so much for such a nice article,
    best regards sks


    • Thank you Ma’am and I Agree with you totally.I Fully respect the sentiments which I myself have.I have undergone the trauma.The emotional bonds are difficult to erase.Example,husband and wife.parents and children.But then life has to move on and time is the greatest healer,as time passes one slowly gets used to the reality and accepts the fact.Losing a loved one is traumatic and every one of us experience this, one day or other and no escape from this.None can find fault with one’s feelings.As time passes one has to get support of family and relatives.Each individual has their own ability in regards to coping up of the loss and here I want to stress that none can force a time limit.Each person is different in coping up with the loss as memories linger.

      My feeling is…in the process one should be kind to oneself ,cherish the best part of your life together.

      Memories can never fade.

      My point is what is the frequency of remembering the the beloved one over the years.Iam sure the frequency comes down as years pass by, because life has to move on.Please guide me Ma’am further 🙏

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      • Dear, i understand your feeling very well as i had lost someone very precious in life, that is my father, what he want me to do in life , i carry on the same in life, until the present moment. whenever i miss him too much, i remember his words, he told me holding my hand , i am there with you forever as i am your creator , a father and a daughter relationship is beyond words ,his memory carry on until today and forever within me, his aim for me was being innovation and feed the poor , i doing same, by remembering him.

        He told me child, there will be a day start without me , what and how you manage life, he teach me in advance, i pray for him daily , lord bless my father soul forever, as his memory and love last forever with me.

        When you are feeling depression coming your way, my dear hold a candle in hand and pray , the light will brighten your way, as lord in heaven never goes away, he show the correct path all the way.

        This my true love my dear, when you pray the rays will protect the souls and you together. The true love never goes away.

        I huge you with love and care.

        Prayers makes negative goes into positive, trust lord in heaven, he test me but i love him even more.

        I am very small human who believe in lord.

        Thank you so much sharing your precious time and experience with me. I feeling so happy to talk you. Please feel free to write to me .

        Best regards , sks

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