How to become number one



If you want to be the best
In your class,
You can be.
If you want to be the best
In your business,
You can be.
If you want to be the best speaker,
You can be.
If you want to be the best
In your profession,
You can be.
If you want to be the best
In your sport,
You can be.
If you want to be the best
In anything,
You can be.
But it will not just come;
It will not come on its own;
It will not be handed to you
On a silver plate.
You will have to be the one
To make it happen;
You will have to work for it;
And work very hard for it.

17 things to do to be the best in whatever you are doing.

  1. Decide what you want to do.
  2. Work very hard for it.
  3. Do your best.
  4. Believe you will be the best.
  5. Adopt a positive mental attitude and see good in all situations that come up.
  6. Do not pay attention to discouraging messages.
  7. Persist when challenges come up.
  8. Be focused and avoid distractions.
  9. Have an open mind to search, learn and discover the best way to do it.
  10. Don’t doubt.
  11. Don’t let fear stand on your way.
  12. Motivate yourself daily.
  13. Motivate yourself each time you are feeling discouraged or demotivated.
  14. Put on your thinking cap for new ideas that you can generate to help you become the best.
  15. Put your full trust in God and pray as if all depended on prayers.
  16. Don’t be intimidated by the competition.
  17. Try to beat your record every day.

If you are a student, you can become the best in your class. There is nothing wrong in topping your class. In fact, that should be your aspiration.

Do the following 15 things and you will come out top of your class

  1. Study very hard.
  2. Do your best in class assignments.
  3. Attend all classes.
  4. Pay keen attention when in class.
  5. Ask questions when you don’t understand what is taught.
  6. Develop a good relationship with your classmates.
  7. Develop a good relationship with your teachers.
  8. Be disciplined.
  9. Be organized.
  10. Cut down on social activities.
  11. Put God at the center of your life, studies, and pray often.
  12. Pray as you get into and out of class.
  13. Pray before your private study time and before you do any assignment.
  14. Be humble and respectful.
  15. Visualize yourself in the top position in your class.

Take home

You can be the best. You can be a champion in your field of choice: sports, art, education, etc. All that is needed is for you to do what it takes to be the best. Be disciplined, hardworking; practice, train and pray. Put many hours to train. While others are relaxing, be out working or training.

Bear in mind:

It’s not easy
But possible
To be the best.
You can be the best.
Do not fail
To be the best.
Be the best.


May we hear tomorrow:
That you have become
The best;
That you have become
A champion;
That you have won
The topmost trophy;
That you gotten
A gold medal.
That you are a superstar;
A legend.

Yes, you can become the best. You can become number one.


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