What are you doing with so much power?

In the Psalmist's song of praise
As recorded in Psalm 8:4-6,
He talks to God about us human beings,
He tells God,
 " made them only inferior
to yourself;
you crowned them with glory
and honour.
You appointed them rulers over
everything you made;
you placed them over all creation..."
This is a very important passage in the Bible.
God is the creator of the universe;
God is all powerful;
God is our creator;
If He can create us,
And create something so immense
As the universe,
What can He not do?
And if God made us "only inferior"
to himself,
Who can doubt how powerful
We are!
Genesis tells us
"God created man in his own image."
We have the image of God,
It means we are powerful;
But are we aware of our power?
Are you aware of your power?
And if you are, what are you doing with such tremendous power?
It is extraordinary power
Given by God himself,
To use to create the best life
For yourself and others;
To be a coworker with him,
To make the world an excellent place
For all to enjoy.
Ask him to tell you
What you must do.
He is waiting to hear from you.
You can easily waste it;
Be careful not to waste it.
Blessings as you use your extraordinary power to make the world a better place!

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