Becoming a great writer

If becoming a great writer is your aspiration, I call it a lofty aspiration; and give you a warm thumbs up for that.👍

Many of us, though, dream to be great writers but do not realize it takes hard work to acquire the skills through learning and practise. To those who aspire to acquire Shakespearean ability the easy way, thumbs down 👎.

If you follow the 10 steps to become a great writer, they will greatly enhance your efforts.

I believe very much in the power of excellent communication. Those who take the pains to endow themselves with the ability to express their thoughts excellently in writing and in speech, do not have a limit to how high they can climb on the ladder of success wherever they find themselves, be it in their region, state, country or in the world.

I do challenge you to take a careful look at the 10 tips and see how far high you soar in the literary plane. And if you have something to add to this list, our comment box is open arms.

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