Why don’t we see?

God meant love to be sweet a experience. We often find it turned into a bitter or painful experience. Isn’t that unfortunate?

By transforming something so beautiful into something so ugly, we are abandoning God and following the devil.

The devil and God are on parallel lines.

Many of us say we are on God’s side, but in reality, we are on Satan’s side; followers of Satan.

Instead of loving, we hate. On whose side are we?

God wants us because he loves us and wants our good. Satan wants us because he hates us and wants our perdition.

Don’t we have eyes to see?

When we answer God’s call and go to him, he will hold our hand and take us to heaven.

When Satan calls and we answer, he will grab our hand and take us to hell.

God calls us to a vocation. The devil leads us into temptation. Don’t we have eyes to see? Why don’t we see?

Let us be vigilant and mind on whose side we are; whose voice we are listening to; whose call we are answering; which path we are taking; the path to life or the path to death.

Why do we have so many problems in our lives? Why do we have so many problems in the world? Because we have abandoned the right path and are following the wrong one. We do not answer when God calls. But shout a big YES when the devil calls.

This, we must stop or we lead our own world to its destruction.

Follow God to Paradise or follow Satan to hell. The writing on the the wall is clear. Why don’t we see?



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  1. Thank you for posting this! So powerful! I feel like the reason why we don’t see,is because everyone is caught up into living their own way. As a result pandemonium strikes everyday. God is no longer a priority. He’s just their when it’s convenient an individual will call on him when its a need to. It’s sad to see how the world has evolved, into a place that God didn’t intend for it to be. However, it’s always been a battle of good vs evil 🙂

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