Natural Beauty Boom

Natural beauty boom
Is open for you to enjoy;
A real flower show;
The true language of love;
Flowers of all kinds,
But not known by all,
Some see their beauty,
But many eyes are closed;
The language of love
They do so well speak,
Beautifying the heart;
The flowers are rose;
Those I love the best;
And those that are white,
I adore them equally well;
Each it’s own colour;
Beauty with no compare;
Who can think of a world
Where flowers are not?
Give me a flower everyday
To show me your love;
The love that beautifies;
Flowers have no mouth,
But so eloquent they are;
Their words can paint
With love;
Flowers, flowers all over;
In the beauty garden
Of the creator of the world.
I love the flowers, everywhere.



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