The moral of this story is good for all.


From the dusty ashes of pain
This time as your own daughter
Unveiling of a new chapter
Reincarnation of all the scars you left my mom with ,
To prove you , the vicious game of Karma is not just a myth .
Every tear that rolled down her cheeks,
Will blur my tender eyes and make me weak .
Every night she sobbed herself to sleep,
Will keep me awake and make me weep.
Every pinching word that ripped her soul ,
Will break me into tiny burning pieces of coal .
Every time you hit her and made her tremble ,
Will shiver me down with no time to assemble .
Every thing you did to her ,
Will come back to me with the same intensity .
The pain and suffering you caused to someone’s daughter ,
You’ve to go through the same fire…

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