Spouses who support each other

I have seen spouses who don’t support each other, be it with their office work or in business. Instead of supporting each other, they stand on each other’s way.

Isn’t this sad? When one person initiates a project, the other will look for a thousand and one reasons to say it cannot work.

Instead of looking for ways to make it work, the other person tries to kill it; sometimes with discouraging messages, and sometimes with concrete action.

With some couples, when one person is in good business and has money, the other person will only be looking for ways to squander the business money.

Is this how spouses should work?

A good spouse supports the dreams of the other.

When spouses support each other, they become more successful. First, they are happy as a couple and second, they achieve more.

A couple should work as a team not in dispersed ranks, let alone like competitors or rivals.

When a couple works in closed ranks, they exude what is called ‘couple power’. And it becomes hard for a challenge to beat them. If a challenge beats a couple that is working together using couple power, then it is one that is hard to solve.

Make use of couple power in your relationship and you will achieve more both as a couple and as individuals.


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  1. “couple power” is the defining characteristic of a solid partnership. Without it I’d say there’s something wrong. But sadly, the latter has become commonplace in our society.

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