Anger came to visit not to stay

“Do you know about the dangers of Mr. Anger? Take my word. If Mr. Anger comes to visit you, be hospitable as we are called to be hospitable to strangers, but don’t be too hospitable. I know Anger. Welcome him; but do not give him a room and a bed. He came to visit not to stay.

And if he comes with his luggage to stay, tell him there is no room to stay because it is well known what next he will do if you allow him. He will take over control of your home and even control you.” (Romilia Quotes)

This quote may be humorous but a profound reflection on anger. You have a reason to be angry when you are unjustly treated, It is unfair for anyone to treat you or another unjustly.

Any right thinking person who is unjustly treated will be angry. I would be angry; but I wouldn’t react in anger.

Ask me why. I have been told that a plane that flies in anger is most likely to have a bad landing. By bad landing I understand that it can crash-land.

I think anger should never be allowed to lead the way because it has a track record of leading to destruction.

I never let it leave my mind that anger is only one letter short of danger. When you are angry. you are close to danger. And often anger blinds you from reality.

Please, dear friends, it doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, stay clear of the plane of anger. Never board a plane called Anger. Never journey in the plane of anger. You may never arrive. The plane may get missing in transit.

This said. every rule has exceptions; but the exception doesn’t cancel the rule.

Watch out! Do not wine and dine with Anger. If anger comes visiting, do not turn him off; but don’t also give him a room and a bed. He came to visit not to stay.


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