New Word Challenge no 1

Hello fellows! How’s your week? Amazing for me.

New things coming up. Your New Word Challenge.

What about it?

You have to grow in your word vocabulary. Language is power, you know. And you can grow into an iroko just by learning one new word a week.

It mustn’t be high-sounding or jaw breaking word. Just let it be a word you want to get into your functional vocabulary.

No better way to do this than writing about it and sharing.

Every week, we will invite you to send us your new word for the week by sharing our own.

First, you will write, post on your site, then send us the link, or ping.


So easy!

Talk about your new word any way you like: define it, use it in a sentence, ask a question or questions about it, talk about it etc. It’s left to you to decide.

Let me set the ball rolling:

My new word for this week is Millennial.

This word is becoming very common all over the world. But still many people don’t know it. I will get this word into my functional vocabulary by looking up its meaning and using it often. You can join me to make millennial part of your functional vocabulary. Who is ready to join me?



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