One Lovely Blogger Award

we are joining you to celebrate by reblogging.

Living what you love

This month of September has been a wonderful one as far as blogging is to me. Just been nominated for the “Liebster Awards”, here comes another marvel_ the “OneLovelyBloggerAwards“. I have grown rich in expirience, skills and above all in meeting wonderful bloggers that you are via this platform. I have learnt a lot from you all…and as days goes by, your enormous support and help makes me climb this ladder of sucess.

I am grateful to Nistha Shukla, once more, who nominated me for this award. Her writings are exceptional with a unique angle. And she’s got a positive personality; always seeing the best out of everything…. Thanks Nishtha for believing in my writings…..

7 Facts about Me:

  1. I am focused and determined.
  2. Seek to add value to the lives of people from my mistakes committed
  3. I am selfless and always…

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