Bad experiences

Poetry and Thoughts

If there was any doubt or fear before today, it completely flew out of the window. More than anything else I have proven to myself and the world that I’m a fighter. To me, it doesn’t matter what I fought against. What matters is that in the face of my worst fears, I was strong and courageous. Moreover, I stood up for myself.

It is easy to hide behind words. Easy to persuade everyone of yourself when you are still grasping at the straws. Maybe we go through certain experiences so we can be passionate about it. We know we were once in that shoe and hence we never want anyone else to feel the same way we did.

Experiences are powerful. They deform, they shape and some completely throw us off what was originally our path.
However much we may learn from experiences, the most difficult lesson is moving…

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Lover of thought and words. I find that words define in ways no one mind could understand.Changing the world one thought at a time💞

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