If you are diligent

The journey to success
Is not an easy one;
Never has it been;
And never will it be;
If someone tells you
It is an easy road,
Do not believe it;
For such a person
Tells a lie;
To deceive you;
The road to success
Is like the road
To paradise;
Which has never been
And will never be
Anyone who hopes
For a smooth ride
Will be disappointed;
Get ready
For a rough ride;
The road to success
Is full of rocks;
And potholes;
As slippery as
You cannot imagine;
Many have fallen
Never to rise again;
If you are diligent,
You will make it.
If you are not,
You will fall
And crack your skull;
And that will be all;
Are you diligent?
You better be,
And you will make it;
You will have
Not a smooth ride,
A successful trip.

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