Luke 16:10 Trustworthy In Little Things

This is very challenging to all of us. I agree. We have to be honest starting with small things.

3 thoughts on “Luke 16:10 Trustworthy In Little Things

  1. I guess thus, even today the law of self defence still exists….you can kill and plunder in the name of self defence and you could also be truly defending…depends on who judges it and with what eyes and mind I feel….I know it’s a thought process and so much might seem irrational…but this topic becomes huge in the mind..

  2. Yes it’s just a thought….don’t you think it is also how we see it that makes it trusting or not trusting? The whole perspective and not a part in view? A bird’s view….since there are so many complexities being introduced into each day? What we do depends on what we think at that point, I guess is right. Of course, sticking to rationality and general ethics when making decisions with all good things like generosity, compassion, no animosity, letting things be easy matter and of course, downright our intention

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