When I think of quinine,
What quickly comes
To my mine is its size;
A tiny tablet;
But do you know
What it can do?
What it has done?
Good or bad,
Quinine is
A powerful drug,
Small as it may be;
The rat,
A little rodent
Will keep you awake
If it finds its way
Into your home.
Have I forgotten
The mosquito?
One alone is more than
An army;
It will give you
A sleepless night.
Whereas you can be snoring
While a war is raging
Around your home.
It is not size
That determines strength.
If it were for size,
David would not have
Defeated Goliath.
Forget about size;
Whether big or small,
Huge or tiny,
You can win that race.
Remember quinine.



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