How you can deal with criticism and negativity

Good advice.

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Whenever you put your work out there for everyone to see and hear, you always open yourself up to be scrutinized and criticized. There really is no way to avoid it. People will always nitpick your flaws, and a lot of times disregard the things you do right, and often, they will be harsh and unforgiving. To make it worse, we live in the internet era, when people can type whatever they think about you unfiltered for all the world – yourself, most especially – to see.

Unfortunately, the media, with its celebration of self-centered celebrities who defend themselves with the go-to phrase “haters gonna hate”—as if no criticism thrown towards them are ever valid – has trained many aspiring artists to just dismiss all negative comments as “haters”. This mindset is not exclusive to musicians, singers and songwriters. As a matter of fact, I see a lot of performers…

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