Manipulation, a dirty strategy

Some people use manipulation as a strategy to achieve what they want.

I call manipulation a dirty strategy.

To promise to build a bridge where there is no stream is manipulation and a dirty game.

To promise to build a bridge when you know you will not do it, just because you know people will be happy to hear that, and give you the votes you need to win an election, is manipulation and dirty.

Manipulation is a very unethical way of getting what we desire.

It often ends up being devastating for both the manipulator and the manipulated when the manipulator is found to be cunning, dishonest and dangerous.

It is advisable to stay clear of manipulation as a means to achieve whatever you want so as to avoid paying for it.


5 thoughts on “Manipulation, a dirty strategy

  1. Some manipulators don’t even care if they are find out, they just brush it off and carry onto the next victim. They are sociopaths who refuse to apologize and just twist everything around to convince the victim that it was their own fault

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