This letter from my best friend is my treasure

She is my best friend and best gift from God.


There is good reason I call her my best friend in the world.

Indeed, she is awesome.

She has made life a joy for me. She stands by me in sun and in rain. She is closest to me in all ways.  She is the love of my life; my honey. She is the last person I see in the night as I go to bed and the first person I see when I get up in the morning.

Her name is Emilia, the one in the picture.

Today she gave me a pleasant surprise.  She told me she would write a post on my blog. I agreed. This is what she wrote:


Having followed your blog with keen attention this while, and commented on many of your posts, I like to give you this message. Please, share it with your readers.

I thank God for you. You are a real gift to the world. God put you here for a purpose. He wants to use you for something special; and that is what He is doing.

I am amazed by your passion to uplift, motivate and inspire people to reach their full potentials. I have seen you do this all your life with awesome results.

I embrace all your mighty dreams. Your vision for an excellent world leaves me simply dumbfounded. As you say, out in the world billions of people thirst for an excellent world and are ready to do their best for it. I encourage you to continue to fight for it. Fight for the down-trodden; the voiceless; the desperate; the oppressed; the exploited. You have the talent that is needed and God will put the right people on your path to carry you through. I am also fully there for you.

Definitely, you will meet with setbacks but I urge you not to give up. This is what you have asked people all your life to do. You must put your own teaching into practice.

Keep your eyes fixed on the stars. I have a hunch the world will hear about you and acknowledge your contribution.

You will meet many excellent people who will give you the help you need to carry through.

As you fight to make a difference be sure of my love and support.


Your darling wife,


This is my gift of the year. What do you think of this gift. I love it. It has energized me. It has fired me up.It reminds me of the letters we exchanged before our marriage.

111 thoughts on “This letter from my best friend is my treasure

  1. My brother, I am with your darling wife Emilia–you are gifted! Only I perceived there is something much deeper than the deep love you have for each other. I don’t understand what is that I perceive but, perhaps if you check my latest post, the Spirit might quicken you as to what is it that this yours truly perceives! 🙂
    His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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  3. I’m so glad you are following me now because it meant I found out. I have been married fifty years and my husband has been my biggest supporter in all areas of my life. I’m happy that you have experienced the same. God bless and I’m looking forward to reading more.

    • Thank you very much Rebecca. You are very special to both my spouse and I. Can you guess why? I know it will be difficult as we have hardly known each other. Let me tell you. You are special to us because you make a third Rebecca in or lives. My mother was Rebecca. My spouse’s mother is Rebecca. You are Rebecca. How do you see it? Stay blessed. You are a darling.

  4. What a beautiful gift that the two of you are together. A happy and loving marriage is a precious gift and I wish you both continued happiness.

  5. I am encouraged to see the love and commitment that you and your wife share. And her words are an encouragement to everyone. Thank you, Emilia, and thank you, Ngobesing.

  6. Reading your message and Emilia’s sure warmed up my day… and it is a day needing warmth… about 10 degrees and blowing snow all around! 🙂 Any day though would be warmed and comforted by the love, understanding and positive that you shine… glad to follow your posts and thank you for looking in on my photos and little poems .

    • Very heart-warming comment. Thank you Tom. Our couple life changed when Emilia and I became encountered after attending a Marriage Encounter Week End. I discovered that marriage can be a real joy; but that demands some work, openness and a giving spirit. I am trying to share some of the tools I got on this blog so that others may enjoy what I enjoy. What we share, I have discovered, grows.

    • Many thanks to you Sheen. What you say is right. I just published a post today on marriage in which you can find us.We have a good marriage but we work very hard for it. Many people mistakenly think their marriage will succeed on its own. It does not happen. One needs to work hard for it. Again thanks for your inspiring comment; and let your light keep shining.

    • Hello Judith! If you are talking about faith, we have to continuously fan it.As you rightly say, sometimes it is very strong and at times it wanes.Those moments when it is declining is when the devil wants to take control. At such moments we need to make a conscious effort to strengthen it.

    • Thank you Sheldon. Journeying together can be such great joy; and doing so with such a lovely person like you inspires me.I’ll make sure I stop by soon. Stop by at any time for as long as you like. I adore those of you who visit me on my blog.You are gold to me.Keep shinning!The world needs your light.

  7. I love that you and your wife love each other. My husband and I have been married 47 years, though we have known each other from the day of my birth. See my post “Together Forever” on Nutsrok if you like. It is such a blessing to have a loving partner in your life.

    • I agree with you Ibeth, ‘It is such a blessing to have a loving partner in your life.’ Thank God he has thus blessed you and I. It is now left to us to share this blessing which is what we are doing by sharing our story. Hopefully it will inspire others. Congratulation on 47 years in marriage. Emilia and I have been married for 25 years and it is such a bliss. Ibeth, Carlson asked me what a young man needs to do to get a wife with whom he will be happy as you are happy. Are you inspired to guide him? If you write a comment or a post on it I will be happy to reblog it for my young friend. Or if not, do you know someone who has written on it so that we give the link to this young friend. I could write on this topic but if another person is inspired or another person has already done it then it is better to reblog that rather than doing what has already been done perhaps so well when there are many things to write about.I am waiting to hear from you. With love,

      • I would love to do this. How do you want it addressed, email, blog, or to Carlos personally. Will work on it as soon as I get your response. Thanks for asking. Feel free to share my post “Together Forever” on Nutrok if you like.

        • Many thanks for accepting to do something for Carlos. If you write a post then either I reblog or direct Carlos to your blog. I think a post will be better because many more people shall benefit from it. Perhaps you could mention that World Youth Success Inspirer requested you to write a post on how to choose a partner for marriage at the request of Carlos who wants to go into marriage but is afraid he may make a wrong choice. This is just a suggestion which of course, also boosts you. Maybe when you do this more requests will come. Who knows? This is the way I think we can support each other. As for sharing your post, ‘Together for ever’ I am doing it immediately. If you like all this I shall be very happy.

  8. What a lovely, lovely letter from your honey! You are blessed with a good wife… she is worth more than corals and fine gold! 🙂 Well done on maintaining a happy and healthy marriage over the years… that is quite an accomplishment. Mother Hen

    • Mother Hen, you are awesome. You just couldn’t be more loving. Your words and work tell me you are worth more than corals not only to your charming family but to the whole whole wide world.I belong to a Worldwide Movement known as Marriage Encounter and it has really made our Marriage a joy.I was telling Ibeth a while ago about a young man who wants advice on choosing a good wife for life; and I was telling her if she is inspired she could write a post or a comment advising this young man.Although I can do it, I like to pass on some work to others so that we are really a family working together, sharing ideas and work. I also told her if she is not inspired but knew somebody who has written on this important subject, we could merely reblog it or send the link to the young man.I say this because Mother Hen may have some excellent stuff that can clarify this young man as he struggles to get a partner for marriage.Do you have something Mother Hen to guide one of your chicks?

  9. Excellent and veritable words of encouragement there from ma Emi! I pray that these words and the reciprocity should be worth emulative to many a couple out there and to prospective youths aiming to put on identical shoes one day.

  10. That was beautifully elegant! When people inspire each other, amazing things can happen 🙂 You are truly blessed to have her in your life and that is awesome of her to write you such an uplifting letter. This letter has inspired me, too!

    • I am delighted Arlyn. I adore you women because you can be a wonderful positive influence in a man’s life. I am sure your response to the post of today will enlighten many people out in the world who are suffering. Keep the light of great things burning.

    • You know you were the very first to comment on this blog Clotilde. I can thus say we started it together. I am happy you are back to continue from where you took leave. You are needed here. Do you promise you will not keep in the cold again for so long? I like you to shout loudly enough for me to hear right here in m office. Remain the best.

  11. Dearest Ngobesing, after reading what you left on my About Page, I came here to see who you are. Tears are in my eyes, for unbeknownst to you, your words and what I read here, are a sign from God, not to quit in my Work that I know is of God. Your Loving Wife is a Gift, one I pray you really understand fully, how much so. To have One stand besides you to encourage you as you continually push back the darkness, is no Greater Gift to be given. Bless you for all YOU are doing, and I am so honored and so touched that you “see” what I am doing over at Petals. I will respond more in depth to your comment on my blog. God Bless you! With Love, Amy

    • Dear Amy, I just read your second comment to me. Very touching. I often get emotional and so my eyes are wet. I do not mind it because my teacher told me never to suppress tears when they come.It does us good to allow them to flow. Amy, you are such a wonderful person although you may not always be understood. Many excellent persons have experienced untold suffering from the wickedness of man. You must remain strong; and thank God you have the most powerful support; the Lord. And he has sent me again to stand by you. Know you are supported. The best for you is on its way. For my wife, she is my special gift from God; and we work hard to make ourselves each other’s gift. Love is like fire. It has to be faned or it quenches. Many people allow their marriages to go on the rocks not because they are bad but because nobody is there to help them make the most of it.One of the things I enjoy doing with my wife is helping couples find love and joy in their marriages; and we have seen miracles happen. My dear Amy, we shall continue to talk to each other and grow stronger everyday as we accomplish the lofty mission which our creator has given us.

      • Your words I have put on my desktop so that I can read them at will. There is a prayer I say about accepting what I can, and know what is in my Life to change. It’s all about discernment and coming to terms with what I have chosen to do for the Better Good of this Planet. As a child I tended to scare many, rejected by most, just because I “see”, I “know”, and I walk Truth. I know of no other way. My Heart weeps when it sees the condition of this world and how it continually slides downhill. To know that all my hard work is making a difference, is all that matters, and this in itself spurns me on to keep going.

        As for marriage …. I am married to a Vietnam Vet who over the years has slowly decided to shut down more and more, and live in fear. I have watched this man slowly try to destroy himself, destroy our relationship, and try to destroy me. The darkness has such a fierce hold on him, yet I stand up to that darkness knowing He who is in me is far greater then any darkness. My husband has chosen death over Life, and nothing I can do will change that. He must want to open his Heart to Love. I am a continual presence in this man’s Life, a Beacon that encourages him to please accept Love, to open your Heart again to trust, so that Life can bloom. Again, only he can do this, not I.

        I am humbled that you are now praying for me, and this brings great strength to me. I asked God yesterday, why are those who are fighting this battle so spread out? We are all placed where we are in order to make a Great Golden Web of Light across this World to defeat the enemy. I do believe we are.

        In closing, I send you and your wife Much Love on this day. Thank you, Shining One. Thank you. Love, Amy

        • What a great woman you are! May God really bless you and bring great joy into your life. May the days and years ahead be the best years of your life. May you find happiness as you have never imagined before.I really feel loved. If you hav time read my about page again. I say something about being loved. Thank you for your love.Let me make a proposal to you. I do not know what faith you are but my work is beyond faith boundaries. There is something call Marriage Encounter. Have you ever heard about it? If there is any around where you live, please attend it with your husband. You will come out into a new life if you let it pass through you. I have seen it work wonders here for couples who were at the verge of something disastrous. My spouse and I do presentations so I know what I am talking about. I hope God makes it possible for you to attend. I want to hear that you have experienced a dramatic turn around. Love, Ngobesing.

  12. Ah!! I love this letter…and I am so happy that I have landed here. I will walk around a while…but I can tell that it is a very good place to be!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my house 🙂 Much love…many blessings <3

    • Lorrie, I thought I had responded to your comment .I have just seen I have not. Let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouraging words.Sincerely I adore not only mi wife but the women of the world. I am amazed by the enormous contribution you are making to shape and build the world. Sometimes I sit and wonder what our home would be without the sweet mother we have in my wife. You look to me like the great light of your family too and may God continue to brighten your path to make that home a joy for all. As for your blog, a good tree will definitely bear good fruit.As you are wonderful, your blog can be no less. I will often be there.Best regards.

      • Your words are so beautiful. inspiring to me! I thank you…and I will ponder your words throughout this day! You said I looked to be “the great light of my family,” and it made me stop to think. I made…and consequently make…my family very uncomfortable. ..I always have. To survive I had to put a dimmer switch on my light. It never felt right!! Now, I bask in the glory of any light I can find!!! And though I care very deeply for them, I have been in the process of living life for me and following the truth that God put in my soul! I’m afraid it makes them even more uncomfortable. ..but it has freed my spirit!!
        Thank you!! Have a beautiful weekend! ! 🙂

  13. Hello pa ngobesing ur are wonderful.reading this article for my very first time I felt very inspired.i have learnt that the best way to succeed as youth in this competitive world is to have quality education.secondly I will drink daily from the spring of wisdom of the best minds in the world.

  14. That is beautiful, after so long that I have resist the idea of marriage. Or even the idea that someday I will fall in love with one woman, I have finally met that woman and changed my mind. It is so true how important marriage is for a healthy happy family. It is also important for a healthy public life, but this domain is important to be separate from the private life you share with your family. Thank you for being an inspiration.

    • Thank you for your comment Alixtate. I have learned that the more open I am to the world, the more I am moved to do just what I can share with the world. I do not know what you think but I think that a lamp that is lighted should be put on the table for it to shine and brighten the whole house. The good example of your life shared can inspire other people to do like you if not better. What do you think my dear Alixtate?

    • The way you sound you are a great gift to us and to the world. Because of people like y0u we have the courage to do the things that we do because we know we will have people who will give us a pat on the back.I was on your site and believe me it is great. Don’t fail to make the universe your only limit. Let me know Dalo if you have read the manifesto for the Excellent World Revolution. It’s all on my blog.

  15. Beautiful, tender, encouraging words from your wife, Ngobesing. It’s lovely to see how much you care and support one another. I saw you over on my site when you stopped over to comment. Thank you and I’m happy to meet you over here.

    • Thank you for coming Pat. I love the way you put your comment on this post. My greatest strength comes from my lovely wife. I believe in marriage and believe that couples should work hard to succeed in their marriages.

      • You’re welcome, Ngobesing. We do get our greatest strength from our spouses. Like you, I believe in working together to succeed in our marriages. For us, we’ll be celebrating 48 years of marriage this December. It’s taken a lot of working together. 🙂

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