Sweet stories from a great story teller

Laleh Chini’s stories in The Voice from Iran are so thrilling and edifying. I was pleased with the lesson I got from the Gem’s Mount. Isn’t it true that the evil that we do lives after us? When you sow be ready to reap. 99 days for the thief, one for the owner. I really admire the brilliance of the young man in Gem’s Mount and the unforgettable lesson learned by the rich man.

And while we are with Laleh’s The voice from Iran, let me mention her post Valuable Words in which she talks about hope.

Here is my input:

I believe in hope;
Love your take on hope;
Hope many hear you;
It is good to hope;
Do not lose hope;
With no hope
You are hopeless.

I love reading stories from The Voice from Iran. If you want me to recommend any of Laleh’s beautiful stories, I will tell you all are sweet. You could take Free your Bird if you have already read Gem’s Mount. Then pick anyone at any time. You will enjoy it. Please, kindly let me know when you read Laleh Chini’s stories how you find them. Lots of love.


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