How do you stay happy always?

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? We are into the last days of January which means by now everybody has fallen into a new routine for 2019 with new goals and new dreams.


Recently, I had a phone conversation with a friend who has a very successful (in the usual sense) career and life.  My conversation with her usually starts with casual talking, moving on to discussing her problems and me giving her some solutions after which she would ask me how do I stay happy all the time (what she means is even when I have not achieved much (in terms of career and usual things) how can I sound and look happy).

I take it as a compliment. Shouldn’t I? It is not easy to remain happy and positive when things don’t go right in our lives.

Anyways, what is the point of telling my friend, who calls me once in a while, how worried I am? Why would  a person want to talk to me if the only thing I did was complain?

I have noticed that people at times want to hear, that others are also struggling just as they are.  They get a sense of satisfaction when they know that it is normal to get stressed about life.

Who doesn’t have any problem in life? Every person has atleast one problem going on at any given point of time. I feel they are needed to make us appreciate and live our lives in a better way.

I also have many issues one of which is not having a job or a career. But I always look calm and happy in front of others. So people think that not having a job or a career hardly matters to me. They feel that I am not worried about my life and my career.

How do I know this?  Well, I get such comments from people that I don’t look worried about my life; that I am happy being at home doing nothing, when in reality, inside me, I would be actually going through so many thoughts and ideas on how to start and build a successful career.

Just because I don’t show it on my face or just because I don’t walk around brooding and complaining doesn’t mean that I am not concerned.

It does bother me. But then, what is the point of staying upset and hurting others as well?

I believe that I will get everything in life when the time is right. That doesn’t mean I won’t put in my efforts. It just means I won’t lose my hope. Why should I?

Isn’t that a much better attitude rather than be upset? I have tried staying upset and I know for sure that it doesn’t help.

We know that whatever we think multiplies.  So if we think about problems, they will only grow. I have seen from my own experience that if I discuss a problem with others, it just grows bigger. It leaves me all stressed. Instead, if I talk about other things, the problem seems to get smaller and then, eventually, it goes away (i.e. it gets solved).

It is important to stay positive to manifest our desires. All our manifestations happen when we are in a state of joy. To be in a state of joy we have to be grateful for everything that we have and we can’t be grateful if we are constantly in a state of complain.

So what if I don’t have a job? I have the time to learn new things and hone my skills and when the time is right, I will get the right job.

Friends, the point of writing this blog post is to make you feel good about yourself. Try to stay happy no matter what. Everything else will eventually fall into place. By staying positive, you are setting an example for others.

A problem is just going to help us get better. Have faith in God and let go!

Only by staying calm, you will be able to notice opportunities and ideas to turn a problem around successfully.

Try sharing happiness and joy with others (instead of problems) because whatever we share and talk about grows. Let us be a source of posivity and happiness for others as well.

Do let me know your thoughts on the same.




9 thoughts on “How do you stay happy always?

  1. I been feeling really unmotivated and unhappy lately too. I’m not sure where this lull of unhappiness came from. Thanks for your post to remind me that in order to stay happy, I have to be grateful of everything going well in my life whether it be big or small. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Well articulated.The way you explained synchronises and even resonates with each and every one of us.Always we say…oh how lucky the guy is….never realising that the guy too is with full of problems.We should realise that,that is what is known as life and each one is having problems of different kind.Never be jealous.Lead your own life,no compare and contrasts business.Evolve your mind,set on positive thinking. Thank you,a thought provoking article.

  3. I have been through my full of unhappiness. I too don’t have a job or a career. I have chosen to use the new year to find my happiness. To do things for myself that I wouldn’t be able to do if I did have a job and a career. In doing so, my family and I have distanced ourselves which is probably for the best since they choose to spread negativity by judgments and drama. We still talk but not as often and I see them less frequently. But I am determined to stay positive. I know they will come around when they are ready

    • I am sure they will. Sometimes they say things that hurt us in the process of trying to protect us. I know how that happens. But believe me, when you find your happiness you will be most thankful to them. Just be grateful that you have a family and for the good things they have done for you. Things will definitely turn around. To become positive, we have to learn to forgive others and ourselves to be able to look beyond the hurt. You are doing a great job by just being you. (P.s. I am not trying to advise you, I am just sharing from my experience that forgiveness has great strength.) Lots of love…

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