It’s intriguing

What happened to me today is intriguing. I did an 11 minutes reflection on radio early in the morning on “The generation gap”. My emphasis was on the need for old people to give a chance to young people to exploit their talents.

At the same time, the young ones must show proof of responsibility. If they do not prove to be responsible, they may not have access to the opportunities they are due.

Great was my joy when later, I found this beautiful post: “Generation Gap: How to balance between one generation and another.” Deepika gives 9 points which can help bridge the gap between generations. It’s a brilliant post indeed, and if you have read “Patience: slow and steady wins the race..” you should know what to expect from this amazing blogger.

I warmly congratulate Deepika and encourage her to keep making use of her writing talent to lift people to where they are born to be.


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