I visited Amulya writes

I visited Amulya Writes;
Interesting things I found;
Life is a struggle, isn’t it?
Nothing is permanent,
There will be soft moments:
But also the hard moments
Will come;
And whenever they do,
Visit Amulya’s struggling heart;
Her encouraging words are magical!
And if you want
Some tender moments of love,
She has for you Angel love.
What can be more precious?
And she has much more.
And if you are with us, Amulya,
Tells us more of what
You have;
We love you.


8 thoughts on “I visited Amulya writes

  1. Reblogged this on Amulya_Writes and commented:

    My journey with SIWO has been so encouraging and self developing. Thank you for always being so sweet and for all the guidance.
    If you are not a part of SIWO, do it right away and be ready for a very informative and inspiring journey ❤️

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