Solidarity bloggers Forum 1

We are reopening solidarity Bloggers’ Forum. We start from square one.

In this forum we show solidairty to others and they show solidarity to us. That makes life sweeter, doesn”t it?

Today we start with Aquila T. Carmon. Have you ever heard of the five priciples of progress? Get that from Aquila T. Carmon. His post is titled 5 Principles of progress. Carmon is a husband, father, Minister, speaker, motivator and writer.

His site is titled A word of hope. I enjoy what he says and how he says it. If you are a Solidarity Blogger or like to be one and don’t mind it, join us to visit and encourage this fellow blogger.

And in the comment box, you can always leave your link. We will come and invite others to come along with us.

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