This is me.

This is me.

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

Over these last few weeks I have been thinking about myself and about how I want to create content that I am really happy with and that you are also! But I can’t be who I am not! WE are all one person. WE are who are we are. AND we can never change that. But there are so many things I would love to share with you. Like my ‘first driving lesson’ and so many other exciting chapters within my life! I want a purpose. I really do want to make this my space. I want it to be perfect. I want to show my own creativity to my blogs that I write. I want to have a target of how many followers I would like. I just want people to listen. Even by writing this. I really really do feel that this is the most honest blog I have written in a long while. If I am honest. Most of the time I just post random ‘shit’ so to speak just so you have something to read from me. AND I feel many of you are noticing that because I really do want to put my all into it! But sometimes I really don’t know how to structure any of my blogs. Or what I should say so I don’t offend anyone.

But THIS IS ME. And this is how I write and this is my life and my story and I am proud of that. I have passions I have beliefs we all do. But you need to ignite those passions and make them a reality. Because like I have said multiple times I really do mean it. THANK YOU because without any of you reading and supporting me. I really would have  no reason to keep going. The only reason why I would keep going is because I can write about things I am worried or I want to document about. But as soon as I got 30 followers I feel my writing changed.. I don’t know why or how? But I just feel I don’t seem to connect with any of you as much. I WANT TO!

AS it is a new year ‘2019’ I want to have a new schedule.  I hope you like the new style! I just want to be real. Be honest and be me! Please continue to support me! Thank you!

But for 2019 I also want to grow my blog too a few thousand. But the thing I find so fascinating is I have been doing it since September 2018′ and to be honest I only came across  it accidentally and I have grown this quickly! I must be doing something right? ANOTHER thing I would love to do is to interact with you all a lot more. I would love to have an actual chat with you all.

Because If I am honest. I get bored and I just want people to talk to and so I can engage and understand what you do and what you don’t like about me and my writing.. I want a schedule but I feel 3 times a week is too much! not only for me because I have to write it! But also for you! The reason why I would like to change it because I feel I would happier within myself if I wrote less a week. Like once a week or twice a week like ‘Monday’ one at the beginning of the week’ and ‘Friday one at the end of the week’  Because I will know that I am putting everything within my writing and I know It will be from my heart. Rather me thinking of things to put just to make a post. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to have the flexibility! I want to be happy I want you to enjoy it and take something from it when I write. I want to have a community. x



(Except for this blog this is going live at the current time!)




Lauren Rogers


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  1. Hi, Lauren I am from Pennsylvania in United States, sometimes it takes time to write down into words what you are truly feeling, be patient first of all. I started doing my own blog almost three years ago because of a class I was taken in ministry (I am a pastor) ask God to help you find your passion, find what you are good at and what you enjoy and share with others, because once you find your true joy, you will know your passion. In time you will see how your followers on your blog will grow, and let others sharing your writings

  2. Very few people really know the value and the sacrifices and the difficulty of that simple say : BE YOU. Amazing littl epiece here. Lots of food for thoughts. Thanks for that. I’m in Canada reching out to you. Tobe Damit on Facebook. Mostly posting book reviews or stuuf music related. So this is ME reaching out to YOU simply cuz you are you and I am me!

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